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CAS: 9003-01-4

1.Acrylic resin (MethylMethacrylateResin), commonly known as Plexiglas, is a polymerized polymer compound made of methacrylic acid methacrylate. Commonly used synthesis methods are anionic polymerization, solution polymerization, ontogenetic polymerization, suspension polymerization four polymerization methods. In addition, the tree Chemicalbook resin has excellent characteristics such as easy coloring, light weight and good processing performance. Therefore, it is often used as a substitute for glass, optical lenses, lenses, etc. In addition, with the development of acrylic resins and their modified polymers, acrylic resins have a wide range of applications in the fields of pharmaceutical preparations and coatings.

2.Because the structure of acrylic resin determines the performance, due to the application of conventional acrylic resin performance in specific occasions there are certain defects, and therefore the modification of the structure has become the basic way to broaden the application of acrylic resin in recent years. Among them, epoxy modification has become one of the simplest Chemicalbook, the most direct method, in the epoxy modified acrylic resin synthesis technology, currently more use of nuclear-shell hybrid structure, interpenetrating polymerization, microemulsion polymerization, etc., the modified film-forming resin has excellent kinetic properties, solvent resistance and acid and alkali resistance.


1.Used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in industrial water treatment. Good compatibility. Also used as drinking water pretreatment. Used to separate red mud in alumina preparation. Used in chlor-alkali plant for refining brine.

2.Used in the preparation of leather and some high-grade goods finishing agent, the production of acrylic resin lacquer, etc. It is used for fixing chromium salt, helping tanning, reducing chromium pollution, etc. It is also used as corrosion and scale inhibitor, water stabilizer, quenching agent, thickening agent, etc.

3.It is widely used in the decoration of light leather such as face leather, garment leather, glove leather, etc. It can enhance the bending resistance, extensibility, light resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of leather, and it is the main finishing film-forming agent for decorating grain leather with pigment paste.

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