Purity 28%-31% CAS124-41- 4 Sodium / Methoxide / Sodium Methylat E

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MW: 54.02
CAS: 124-41-4
EINECS: 204-699-5

Chemical properties

Colorless amorphous fine powder. Soluble in methanol and eth.


Used for alkaline condensation agent and catalyst in organic synthesis, synthetic for spices, dye, etc, is the source of vitamin B1, A and sulfadiazine, used as A condensation agent in organic synthesis, has been used as A catalyst, edible oils and fats processing and sulfanilamide mi organism, and the new Ming, sulfanilamide synergist drugs such as synthetic USES mainly used as the important raw materials in pharmaceutical, pesticide raw materials, Chemicalbook fat transesterification catalyst is also used in dyestuff and chemical fiber industry. In order to change the structure of fat, make suitable for margarine, etc. It must be removed from the final product. Mainly used as condensation agent, strong alkaline catalyst and methoxylation agent, used for the preparation of vitamin B1 and A, sulfadiazine and other drugs, A small amount of pesticide production. It is also used as a catalyst for the treatment of edible fats and edible oils (especially lard). Also used as an analytical reagent.

Preparation and application of sodium methoxide methanol solution

Sodium methoxide sodium methoxide in methanol solution is the most basic sodium methoxide. It is mainly used as intermediate raw material in the synthesis of medicine and pesticide, as well as catalyst and analytical reagent in the production of edible oil and biodiesel. It has a good market prospect.

Preparation method of liquid sodium methoxide

Liquid sodium methoxide is colorless or yellowish viscous liquid, sensitive to oxygen, flammable, explosive and easy to absorb moisture. Sodium methoxide is mainly used in pesticide production and oil processing industry, as an analytical reagent is also widely used in spices, dyes and other industries.


Origin: China
Color: white
Purity: 99%
Packing: 25kg/ carton
Storage: Stored at +5℃ to +30℃
Sample: Available
Shelf life: 2 years
Minimum order quantity: 1kg
Grade: Pharmaceutical intermediates
Powder form:
Boiling point: 65 degrees Celsius
Melting point: -98 degrees Celsius
Steam pressure: 50 mm Hg (20 ° C)
Density: 0.97 g/ml at 20 ° C
The refractive index: 1.3700
Flash point: 11 degrees Celsius
Vapor density: 1.1(relative to air)

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