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We firmly believe that quality is the life of our company and the success of our customers is our success. Reliable quality and excellent service are our permanent commitment.

The export sales of pharmaceutical intermediates, such as NMN, procaine,lidocaine, tetramidazole, boric acid and other hot selling products have reached 50 million dollars nearly one year, there are thousands of customers, covering hundreds of companies.

Our company takes innovation as the concept, integrity as the principle, quality first, customer first as the purpose of service, which has won high praise of customers.

Tetramidazole hydrochloride is a biological response regulator with repellent activity, which is a kind of high efficiency, low toxicity and broad spectrum veterinary deworming agent.

It has been widely used in clinical practice as an intermediate of levamisole and an anti-worm drug. It can improve the resistance of patients to bacterial and viral infections.It can be used as adjuvant therapy after surgery for lung cancer or breast cancer or chemotherapy for acute leukemia or deteriorating lymphoma.In addition, it can also be used for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus and upper infection, children respiratory tract infection, hepatitis, bacterial dysentery, sore furuncle, abscess and so on.It has been proved that the treatment of intractable bronchial asthma is effective in the near future.

Since 2019, COVID-19 has been affecting the entire global market. In addition to the cost of human lives, the impact of the spread of the virus on the global economy is only just beginning to be realized. Mass quarantines, travel restrictions and social isolation have led to a sharp drop in spending by individuals and businesses, leading to a recession today.In this case, the global growth rate of tetramidazole hydrochloride in 2020 will be between 12-15%.Based on a conservative estimate, we believe that the global tetramidazole hydrochloride market size will reach 5 billion yuan in 2020, which is a big change compared to 2.2 billion yuan in 2019.Production is expected to resume in all major countries by the end of the year, and the average annual growth rate will remain at 13% in the following years.

Xingjiu technology products through strict quality control and testing, well received by customers at home and abroad, with European and American countries partners to establish a long-term stable relationship of cooperation.Contributed to the Global Novel Coronavirus.

Post time: Sep-05-2022