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CAS: 66215-27-8

1.Cyromazine, also known as maggot killer, is a new type of insect growth regulator, which has a good inhibiting and killing effect on diptera larvae, especially on several common Chemicalbook fly larvae (maggots) that breed in the feces. It differs from general fly killers in that it kills larvae and maggots, while general fly killers only kill adult flies and are more toxic.

2.Cyromazine is used for controlling of Diptera larvae in chicken manure by feeding to the poultry or treating the breeding sites. Also used to control flies on animals. Used as a foliar spray to control leaf miners (Liriomyza spp.) in vegetables (e.g. celery, melons, tomatoes, lettuce)

3.Cyromazine Insecticide is a insect growth regulator with contact action, which interferes with moulting and pupation. When used on plants, action is systemic: applied to the leaves, it exhibits a strong translaminar effect; applied to the soil, it is taken up by the roots and translocated acropetally.


1.An insect growth regulator for the control of leaf miner flies. It causes morphological aberrations in dipteran larvae and pupae during development, and adult plumage is inhibited or incomplete, which indicates that it is due to interference with molting and pupation. It is not lethal to adults whether applied orally or locally, but the hatching rate of eggs is reduced after oral ingestion. It has an endosmosis effect on the plant body, and has a strong conductive effect when applied to the foliage, and is absorbed by the root system and conducted to the top when applied to Chemicalbook soil. Applied to beans, carrots, celery, melons, lettuce, onions, peas, green peppers, potatoes, tomatoes treated with 12 to 30g/100L agent, or 75 to 225g/hm2. high dose significantly longer holding effect than low dose. Soil application dose of 200 ~ 1000g / hm2, with a high dose of holding effect up to 8 weeks.

2.It is mainly used to control leaf-fly pests and has good effect on leaf-fly, and can also be used to control flies, and is a highly effective and low toxicity insecticide.

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